Enforcing Section 8.A.5.d. (Company Purchase of Higher Class of Service Tickets in Bid Period Package):

If you are due a higher class of service on a bid package trip, management is obliged to purchase your ticket before it purchases tickets requiring a lower class of service. We recently received a report from a pilot concerning this type of situation.

Initially, 3 weeks prior to his deadhead, he checked Business class availability and noticed that there were 7 seats available, but no ticket purchased for him. A week or so later, the company purchased an Economy class ticket without a request for an upgrade to a higher class of service.” The pilot was able to contact Global Travel and obtain a ticket in the appropriate class of service, but the delay in purchasing his ticket and the eventual failure to include an upgrade request warrant a closer look at how this benefit is being processed for everyone.

We are asking that you participate in tracking the timing of purchasing of tickets for your scheduled deadheads, especially when a higher class of service is contractually mandated, and inform ALPA of any issues or system failures. Please use the form below to record and submit all deadhead ticket information as it applies to you. If you find a delay in the purchase of your ticket, we recommend that you also contact Global Travel and separately document the event with Contract Enforcement.

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