FedEx MEC Long Term Disability Insurance Take Home Pay Visualizer

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November 1, 2018-December 31, 2018

While enrollment for the FDX MEC LTD Plan is year-round, during the special enrollment period, you can enroll or move up from the 24-month to the 12-month waiting period without providing Evidence of Insurability (EOI) if you provide proof you have an approved FAA Physical. If you left the plan or decreased your benefit when the rates spiked, now is a great time to get back in.
If you would like to switch plans, enroll for the first time or reenroll, simply complete the enrollment form, sign, and return to ALPA at or fax to 703-464-2125.
NEW Premium Rates and Age Banding Structure Effective January 1, 2019


January 2019 Age-Banded Rates Per $100 of Pay

12-Month Qualifying Period and Benefit Duration to Age 65*









24-Month Qualifying Period and Benefit Duration to Age 65*









*A monthly administration fee of $6.42 will be applied to both plans.

The Value of the Benefit
The FDX MEC LTD Plan is an optional member-paid program designed by FDX pilots for FDX pilots, to provide income in the event you are no longer able to perform your duties as a pilot due to an illness or injury. The FDX MEC LTD Plan provides a benefit of 17% of your pre-disability income and is not reduced or limited in ways the negotiated LTD benefit is under the Federal Express Corporation Long Term Disability Plan for Pilots (CBA LTD Plan). Your income used to calculate the FDX MEC LTD Plan benefit is not limited to the Section 401(a)(17) value used under the CBA LTD Plan, currently $275,000. It is only limited by a maximum annual income of just over a million dollars. In addition, the FDX MEC LTD Plan’s 17 percent benefit is not subject to federal income tax, since you are paying the premiums after-tax, out of your own pocket. (Please see a tax professional for your unique circumstances.)
FDX MEC LTD & ALPA Loss of License Plans:
In addition to the FDX MEC LTD Plan, ALPA provides several Loss of License Plans. The R&I Committee has developed a tool to help you compare the benefits from each plan. We hope that the tool is useful for determining which plan is best for your personal situation.