Mentor Satisfaction Survey

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes to complete this form. Your feedback will help us strengthen the ALPA New Hire Mentoring program and provide data to demonstrate the effects of mentoring on mentors and mentees. All the individual data from this survey will be kept anonymous.
  • Very UnsuccessfulUnsuccessfulNeutralSuccessfulVery Successful
    What is your general assessment of the ALPA New Hire Mentoring Program?
    How satisfied were you with the interactions you had with the new hire mentees?
  • Not EnoughJust RightToo Much
    Information about the program at the recruitment session
    Information about the new hire mentees
    Mentor Training
    Regular Mentor support
    Interaction with the Lead Mentor Pilot
    Networking with other mentors
  • Very UnsatisfiedUnsatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied
    Experience as a mentor
  • Very uneffectiveUneffectiveNeutralEffectiveVery Effective
    Mentor Effectiveness
  • Not At AllSomewhatTo a Great ExtentDecline to Answer
    I learned new things about myself
    I found it easy to be a mentor
    I felt more motivated at work
    I felt like I made a difference with a mentee
    I have a better understanding of diversity at work