Bidding Reminders

With the implementation of new portions of the contract for Secondary Line Holders, we wanted to send a bidding reminder out to help best guide you through the bidding process.


  • 12.D.1.d. – The international duty-free buffers (24 hours before the start of a trip, and 48 hours after the end of a trip) are not waivable for vacation for trips that exceed 120 TAFB.
  • 7.E.2.c. – Sliding vacation to within 48 hours of the scheduled end of a trip in which the last activity is an international duty period does not apply to EUR trips operated within domestic parameters.
    • ANC 11, HKG, IND, LAX, & MEM 11, 57, 67 ONLY
      • Vacation Slides
        • You may slide your vacation once as normal during the View/Add Window.
        • A Secondary Line Holder may slide the vacation again during the SWW.


  • Recurrent and R-days
    • ANC (Excluding), CGN, & MEM (Excluding 11, 57, 67)
      • As of now, you must split the block of R-days with at least 2 days on either side of your recurrent training for your full block of R-days to drop.
        • Example: You have R-days from the 7th-13th. Your recurrent training cannot start earlier than the 9th or must end by the 11th for your full block of R-days to drop.
    • ANC 11, HKG, IND, LAX, & MEM 11, 57, 67 ONLY
      • 25.C.12.f. has been implemented. If a recurrent training session conflicts with any portion of a block of R-days, the entire block shall be dropped as a phase-in conflict.
  • 11.E.1.i. – Prior to and upon completion of ground school or SIM training, a pilot shall receive a minimum of 12 hours off.
  • 25.F.4. – International duty-free buffers may be waived to avoid a phase-in conflict.

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