FDA Transition Window/Return Relocation Benefits

By September 12, 2018 Contract Enforcement

Did you know that an FDA pilot is eligible for a return household goods shipment during the “FDA Transition Window” and only during that window? Paragraph C.2.h.ii. of the FDA LOA provides an FDA pilot a return household goods shipment during the pilot’s FDA Transition Window. Paragraph C.2.f.i.(b) defines the FDA Transition Window as “the period beginning 6 months prior to his activation into his post-FDA crew position and ending upon either his activation in his new crew position or 60 days after termination of his employment, whichever is earlier.” As you can see, the FDA Transition Window ends upon activation into the post-FDA crew position, which in turn ends an FDA pilot’s eligibility for FDA benefits. Of course, you should know that all associated benefits (i.e., housing allowance, return household goods shipment, de-positioning airline tickets, paid relocation days off, hotel use during exit transition, and transition allowance) are affected by the FDA Transition Window. The Agreement/FDA LOA does not provide any exceptions to the requirement of relocating prior to activation into the post-FDA crew position.

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