Reassignment Trips (RAT)

Did you know a reassignment trip (RAT) is triggered if the assigned/awarded trip is revised to:

  • show at least 4 hours earlier then the original scheduled trip. (Section 25.H.2.b.)
  • release at least 4 hours later than the original scheduled trip. (Section 25.H.2.b.)

Once offered a RAT, the pilot can request 30 minutes from CRS to decide to accept or decline the offer. The 30 minutes may be granted if time allows. If the showtime is within 1:30 hours, the pilot must accept or reject the offer upon notification. (1999 CBA Appendix C, Reassignment Trip Offer)

  • If a RAT is declined, the pilot is placed into Substitution for the original trip. (25.H.10.b.ii.)
  • If a RAT is accepted, the pilot will be paid the higher of the trip guarantee of the original assigned trip at straight pay or the trip guarantee of the RAT at 125% pay. (4.M.1.)
  • RAT assignments are not eligible for disruptions as described in Section 25.S.2. or extra duty periods as described in 25.V
  • A pilot may trade a RAT, but will only receive the trip guarantee for the trip(s) assumed from the trade. (25.H.10.b.iii.)
  • If, after accepting a RAT, a pilot calls sick for the RAT, the pilot is compensated the trip guarantee for the RAT at straight pay.  The Company will deduct the same value from pilot’s sick bank. (4.M.3.)

For a Substitution Decision Tree involving RAT, click here.

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