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Company Reports: FedEx’s Rebate System

As part of our Quality of Life Initiative, we would like to highlight a couple of benefits that we believe you should consider during this open enrollment period. Please note, the annual open enrollment period for FedEx benefits opened on October 18, 2018, and runs through November 1, 2018.

FDX MEC Long-Term Disability: Special Enrollment Period, November 1-December 31, 2018
We have negotiated a substantial reduction in premium costs, which complements and greatly enhances the total long-term disability (LTD) package offered by the corporation and the union. This plan provides 17 percent of pre-disability income, and that benefit is not subject to federal income tax or most state income tax as well. During the special enrollment period, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is NOT REQUIRED with proof of an approved FAA physical.

ALPA Critical Illness & Accident Insurance: Year-Round Enrollment Begins November 1, 2018
Critical Illness and Accident Insurance are two separate plans that provide a cash benefit payout that when used with the wellness benefit, can reduce your payments to little or nothing. For example, if you are married with two children, elect Accident Insurance, and obtain the max wellness credit (by submitting an annual wellness exam for you and each covered dependent), your monthly premium would be $5.24 a month.

Yes, we know this sounds too good to be true but please reach out to the R&I Committee (901-752-8749 or FedEx-R&IChair@alpa.org) for further details.

There are multiple covered accidents that qualify for benefits under this plan. For example, if you have an emergency room visit, the plan will pay you $300. If a covered participant fractures their leg, the cash payout would be between $2,500 and $5,000.

A s you can see, we believe these benefits will greatly enhance your quality of life. For more information, please see this recent communication, which provides more detail, or call the FedEx ALPA office at 901-752-8749 and ask to speak with a benefits specialist.


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