Quality of Life Initiative: Pilot Data Report (PDR)

By March 12, 2019 News, Quality of Life

Pilot Data Report (PDR)

We understand the importance of open communication between you and your union and we are always working to advance the way we interact with our members. We are excited to tell you about a new addition to our Quality of Life Initiative, an online tool called Pilot Data Report (PDR). The PDR is a web-based system accessible from your desktop, smartphone or tablet with identifying information, drop-down menu categories, a comment box and a place to attach supporting documents. Once logged in, the system will populate much of your information such as name, employee number, seat position and aircraft. When you make your selection in the drop-down menu, the system will send your report to the appropriate committee or resource within the union for action.

It is our hope that the PDR will become a useful and convenient place for you to communicate with your union on a variety of topics. Should you experience any problems on the line or simply just want to communicate with us, click anywhere you see the PDR logo to access the system and fill out a report. You can also find the PDR here and bookmark the web address. 

As we get more and more reports from you, the PDR will allow us to track problem areas and trends that are occurring or reoccurring. This is just one more tool in the toolbox to enhance our working quality of life while enhancing our communications.  

Our goal is to always find better ways to hear from you. While this new system has been tested extensively prior to its launch, we will continue to make any tweaks necessary to improve this process.  

Please keep in mind, the user experience will improve with higher participation rates, so please utilize the PDR system. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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