Do you know the timeframe for filing a grievance? (20.B. – Filing of Grievance)

  • A grievance must be filed with the Company within 60 days following the date the pilot gained knowledge of the event that is the issue of the grievance.
  • The 60-day period shall be extended to 90 days, if the pilot has written evidence within the 60 days that he or she tried to resolve the issue with flight management or FedEx Labor Relations during the same 60-day period.
  • A grievance may be filed beyond the 60-day limit:
    • if the grievance arises from a bookkeeping or clerical error, that does not involve a dispute of the Company’s interpretation or application of agreements between ALPA and the Company; and
    • the grievance can be definitively resolved by reference to Company records.

Please contact Contract Enforcement within the timeframe to file a grievance in order to preserve time limits as well as investigate the facts. Oftentimes a resolution is reached without the filing of a grievance.


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