Non-Refundable Airline Tickets

It is our understanding that in June and July some pilots (fewer than 100) had Lufthansa (LH) flights incorrectly purchased as non-refundable due to an incorrect code entered by LH. Global Travel cancelled all non-refundable tickets that had not been used and re-issued them as fully refundable. If a LH ticket had already been used, Crew Audit may have disallowed the ticket on your expense reports prior to being aware of the issue. If you had a LH ticket purchased in June or July on your expense report and it was denied due to it being a non-refundable ticket, file a discrepancy and the issue will be reviewed and corrected.

The discrepancy process is as follows: if the deadhead is in your travel bank, click “file a discrepancy;” submit the tickets to the expense report as either “other scheduled” or “other deviation;” “N/A” as the trip #; select “adjust scheduled fare,” then in this box enter the deadhead value plus the non- refundable ticket amount. In the comment box indicate “the discrepancy is to increase the deviation bank to cover the ticket listed incorrectly as non- refundable.” The discrepancy will then be reviewed for approval.
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