Reserve and Sick Leave

Any assignment given to a reserve pilot while he/she is on sick leave must be a legal assignment considering both the FARs and the CBA. When a pilot is on sick leave, the pilot must be assigned open time as if he/she were not sick. Reserve pilots that are on sick leave should be aware of illegal assignments. If assigned two or more trips while you are sick, you should be able to operate said trips in the well world. Therefore, while on sick leave, we ask that pilots double check reserve assignments to ensure compliance with Section 14.B.2.c.iii.
The following examples are all illegal assignments:
  • While sick, you are given an assignment and leveled. When given a subsequent assignment, it may not conflict with your previous assignment (overlap).
  • When you are given an assignment, and hub turned into another assignment, the duty limitations still apply. Therefore, if given a day showtime the scheduled hours may not exceed 13:00 hours.
  • While sick, you are assigned a trip that, if flown, would cause you to exceed FAR flight time limits.
A reserve pilot on sick leave shall be assigned open time as if he were not on sick leave (Section 25.G.3. Open Time Assignment and Section 25.M.6. Reserve Assignment Options). A reserve pilot will maintain his leveling position on the reserve list, and the scheduled credit hours for any trips he is assigned and removed as sick will be credited toward his RLG/ mini-RLG and deducted from his sick bank. Commencing at 0900 LBT each day, a reserve pilot with an assignment(s) having a showtime during the next day shall be removed for sick leave and such assignment shall be available for open time assignment by CRS.
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