Did you know a pilot who declines substitution (SUB) before the showtime of the original trip (i.e., the trip or series of trips that actually created the SUB eligibility) can make up the credit hours at 125% of the pilot’s normal pay rate? This is making an election for open time priority or for short, OTP (Sec. 25.H.11.). A pilot in OTP is pay protected for the trip guarantee of the original trip for the remainder of the bid period in which the trip began plus three additional bid periods, a full bid period increase from the 2011 Agreement. The trip guarantee for the original trip is deducted from the first paycheck after the pay protection ends (Sec. 4.N.1.). The ideal result is the pilot takes advantage of OTP and makes up the credit hours before the pay protection ends. Sometimes life gets in the way and we cannot obtain the ideal result, but don’t worry. The credit hours not made up before OTP expires are available for general make-up (Sec. 25.L.4.).

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