Timely Submission of Expense Reports/Receipts

This communication concerns the subject of pilots being payroll deducted due to missing, incorrect or late expense report receipts.  Section 5.A.7. of the Agreement provides that “An expense report shall be submitted within one bid period to document expenses incurred during the preceding bid period.” Likewise,  Section 8.C.5. provides, “Any time an expense is charged to a Company-issued Travel Card, a deviation ticket is purchased, or a deviation expense is incurred, an expense form shall be submitted, with appropriate original receipts (or electronic reproduction thereof)”, and “Such expense form shall be submitted no later than the end of the subsequent bid period.” The Agreement does not contain language to reopen an expense report once it is closed. We encourage all pilots to review and promptly act upon notifications concerning expense report receipts. Below are descriptions of the notifications you will receive if you have not submitted an expense report or if your credit card/ticket expenses have not been classified. Please note that the second notification is essentially the last notification upon which to act as the final notification is a notice of payroll deduction.

  • At the end of a bid period, you will receive a notification to remind you of any missing credit card transactions or deviation tickets, or if you have not submitted the expense report for that bid month.
  • If you still have missing receipts after the due date of the expense report (end of next bid period), you will receive a second notification.  It will remind you that some of the receipts are still outstanding and a deadline to submit the missing items to avoid payroll deduction.  PLEASE HEED THIS DEADLINE.
  • A third and final notification is received if the items were not addressed from the expense report. It will detail the amount that has been submitted for payroll deduction.

PLEASE NOTE, even if you have submitted an expense report, if you still have an outstanding receipt(s) you will receive a notification regarding the missing receipt(s) and a deadline to submit the missing item(s) to avoid payroll deduction.

Even if you think you have submitted your receipt(s) and believe that you are receiving notifications in error, please resolve the matter with Crew Audit prior to the deadline for submitting missing items.

Please contact  fedex-enforcement@alpa.org if you have any CBA questions.


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