Tips on Monthly Bidding

Please note that Section 25.C.12.f. (trip or R-day block conflict with recurrent training), and 25.E.4.b.i.(a)(1) – (4) (secondary line holder designation of number of vacation days) have not been implemented. To view the Implementation Schedule posted on the FedEx MEC home page, please click here.

A pilot’s current bid period schedule, including carryover, takes precedence over a subsequent bid period schedule.  Any trip that conflicts with carryover (including a previously removed carryover trip) will be dropped as CIC (Carry-in Conflict) and is eligible for make-up. If your new trip is greater than 120 hours TABF, you may request to keep this trip on your line if the carryover trip is less than 72 hours TAFB or 3-day block (Sec. 25.F.3.a.).

When bidding vacation with carryover, remember that carryover conflicts will cause the trip in the new bid period to drop out before the vacation period is considered. This means that if you bid a long trip in your next month’s vacation week, and if this trip is also in conflict with carryover, the trip in the new bid period will be dropped for the conflict before it is dropped for vacation.

  1. In January, suppose you have a carryover trip (into February), but the trip is dropped owing to a January vacation. When you bid for February you MUST remember to bid to de-conflict (if that is your wish) with the carryover trip even though the trip has been dropped. Otherwise any trip in conflict with that trip will be dropped as CIC.
  2. In another scenario, suppose you have a January carryover trip (into February) and you have vacation in February, but the vacation does not conflict with the carryover trip; however, the carryover trip is in conflict with a trip on your February line. In addition, the February trip is also in conflict with your vacation. What knocks out the February trip, the carryover trip or vacation? Answer = the carryover trip.

Vacation days are considered work days for minimum days off protection.
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