Trip Extensions and Critical Pay Period

Trip Extensions
A quality of life enhancement in the 2015 CBA is Section 12.A.8., which reduces trip extensions by 12 hours compared to the previous language. Domestic trips can be extended 36 hours and international trips 84 hours into time previously scheduled free from duty at base. Please note that the 36/84 limit may be exceeded due to maintenance or weather disruptions particular to the pilot’s specific flight, but only to that limited extent.

Critical Period Pay

One of many pay enhancements in the current CBA are the Critical Period Pay Events (Section 4.GG.). This language applies to all domestic trips, regardless of the assignment code. Also, it is paid in addition to other compensation. There are four situations that qualify for the Critical Period Pay.

  1. Critical Period Departures
    Following flight deck duty that operates anytime in the critical period, if a pilot has an intermediate stop at a facility other than AFW, CDG, EWR, IND, MEM, or OAK (or other like facilities as agreed upon by the SIG), that is greater than 2 but less than 4 hours (from block-in to block-out), the pilot shall be paid 1.5 CH. This event shall not apply to trips that depart base in the critical period and return to base in the same
    duty period (out and backs).
  2. For any duty period that begins in the critical period, a pilot shall be aid 1.5 CH for each landing in excess of 2 in that duty period.
  3. For any duty period that begins in the critical period, if a trip departs from base and returns to base in the same duty period, and blocks in after 10:15 LBT, the pilot shall be paid 1.5 CH.
  4. For any flight deck duty period that operates in the critical period, and has a flight in excess of 4:30 block hours, the pilot shall be paid 3 CH for each subsequent flight in that duty period.

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